Daddy Got Coffee: Ascaso Steel DUO Review


Thank you to @DaddyGotCoffee for the great review on the Ascaso Duo Steel PID Espresso Machine. We've helped summarize below!

⚡️ The Ascaso Steel DUO is a premium espresso machine that offers a lot of features at a reasonable price.  The machine has a sleek and stylish appearance, and its fit and finish are excellent.

🌡 One of the standout features of the Ascaso Steel DUO is the PID temperature control on the brew head, which allows users to adjust the temperature of the water going to the portafilter. This feature is not commonly found on machines in this price range. The machine also has an adjustable OPV, which allows users to adjust the pressure of the machine. This is a critical adjustment that is difficult to make on other machines, and it can be done quickly and easily on the Ascaso Steel DUO.

☕️ The machine also has programmable pre-infusion, which can help reduce channeling and provide a more even extraction. It has a two-liter water reservoir, a no-burn steam wand, and a removable drip tray for easy cleaning. The white LEDs on the machine are a beautiful color, and the water spout can be used to clean cups, pre-warm cups, or quickly dispense water for an Americano.

😍 The Ascaso Steel DUO is an excellent investment for coffee lovers who want to enjoy a quality espresso machine with a reasonable price tag.

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