Reseller Terms


Espresso Parts LLC dba/Ascaso-USA (“Ascaso-USA”) Reseller Guidelines are here to clear any lines that may seem vague. If you have more specific questions please feel free to contact your appropriate salesperson.   


1.1 “Reseller” means someone that sells directly to the end-user. 

1.2 “End-user” means any third party that purchases, subscribes for, or otherwise uses the services through the reseller. 

1.3 “Service Provider” means anyone that provides the services related to technical support, customer service, and maintenance repair to the end-user. 

1.4 “Distributor” means a person or company (Ascaso-USA) that sells (via wholesale pricing) to the reseller.

1.5 “MAP” means the minimum advertised price.

1.6 “Wholesale Price” means the price a reseller pays to purchase stock on hand in the USA, no minimum requirements, and no quantity discounts. 

  1. SUPPORT The reseller is responsible for providing the end-user with technical and online support, including a labor warranty.

2.1 Authorized Technicians can be found here for your reference;                                                                                                                                                             

  1. PAY RATES  All parts & labor rates are at the discretion of the reseller. 
  2. RETURNS All equipment purchased at Wholesale Price is eligible for return within 20-days and must meet the return guidelines found here for your reference;

4.1 All shipment terms are EXWORKS.  Resellers are responsible for lost or damaged equipment after the equipment departs our warehouse.

5.SERVICE PROVIDERS Resellers are responsible for technical support for the equipment, either directly or through trained third-party service companies. 

5.1 Authorized Technicians can be found here for your reference;  

  1. ADVERTISED PRICE Resellers must abide by the minimum advertised price when advertising the equipment.  However, when selling, the final price is up to the reseller. Exceptions to MAP must be authorized by
  2. SELLING TERRITORY Resellers must only sell equipment in the United States.
  3. BRAND POLICY Resellers must adhere to Ascaso-USA brand guidelines for product image and description accuracy.
  4. COMMUNICATION CHAIN The reseller is responsible for being the first line of communication for the end-user.  If there are further questions or concerns the end-user can contact Ascaso-USA, but to ensure consistency they must first speak with the reseller. 
  5. SUSPENSION OR TERMINATION Failure to abide by these items may result in suspension or discontinuation of reseller privileges.