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Ascaso Baby T Direct Drain Retro-fit Kit

Ascaso Baby T Direct Drain Retro-fit Kit

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Kit for modifying the Baby T to have the water drain system hard plumbed.


  • Drain collector.
  • New tray with a hole to allow drain.
  • Necessary screws and brackets to assemble the new collector.
  • Nuts to increase the units overall height to allow for the hose to be free from kinking.
  • Drain tube and clamp not included.
With newer ETL machines it is necessary to take out metal plate closing drain cut out. For regular machines this hole is not closed. This plate is fixed just with 4 screws which can be easily removed. Then drain supports are fixed on the same position that those 4 screws.

It’s a simple operation. Steps would be as follows:
  • Remove tray and keep it, regular one won’t be used for the drain system.
  • Remove metal plate I.5423.
  • Thread included nuts on the 4 x feet studs to increase the machine height (2 x nuts per foot)
  • Install drain tube on the drain collector (clamp required).
  • Install drain collector on cut out in the base (which was closed by I.5423).
  • Install drain collector supports and fix with screws.
  • Place new tray.
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