• Espresso Parts Espresso Machine Cleaner By Puro Caff

Espresso Parts Espresso Machine Cleaner By Puro Caff

Please note that the packaging of the Espresso Parts (Puro Caff) machine cleaner will vary from the image in this description. It is the same cleaning solution as the Espresso Parts version.

The Espresso Parts, Espresso Machine Cleaner is a specially designed cleaner for espresso machines. Also known as Puro, we thought it was so good, we put our name on it as well.

Here is how it works. The Puro espresso machine cleaner removes the residual build up of coffee solids and oils from screens, valves, and tubes of brewing groups. This is important to quality coffee because a dirty machine will create dirty tasting coffee. Backflush your machine following directions on the label, and soak the portafilters (Not the Handles!) in a solution of very hot water and Puro.

Thoroughly rinse groups and portafilters. Always re-season your machine and portafilters by making and discarding one espresso on each group. Espresso machines should be cleaned daily.

  • $16.00