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Steel DUO PID, Programmable Espresso Machine w/ Volumetric Controller, Dual Thermoblock, 120V (Black)

Steel DUO PID, Programmable Espresso Machine w/ Volumetric Controller, Dual Thermoblock, 120V (Black)

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DUO - One thermoblock dedicated for coffee and one dedicated for steam for dual performance!

The STEEL range goes one step further and transcends home use. It is a semi-professional coffee machine for homes, offices, and even the Hospitality channel. 
 The vintage industrial look will become the centerpiece of any kitchen or office. The newest version of the Steel DUO PID includes a bevy of professional upgrades including improved volumetric controls, professional 58mm portafilter size, adjustable over-pressure valve, analog pressure gauge, improved no-burn steam wand, and thermoblock insulation. The Steel’s new PID also includes advanced features like independent temperature control for the brew and steam thermoblock, pre-infusion, power-saving modes, and single or double-shot programming. The Steel DUO PID is the perfect setup for the home barista!

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Product Specs

Electronic Group Temperature Control

  • Digitally displayed PID temperature control adjustable in one-degree increments.
  • Adjustable OPV (over pressure valve).
  • Electronic steam control with an advanced no-burn steam wand.
  • Volumetric programmable settings for preinfusion, single shot, double shot, and auto-standby, The enhanced volumetric controls make it easier to produce and repeat a consistently good quality espresso.
  • Programmable automatic cleaning mode.

Quality Build with Professional Materials

  • 12-Month Warranty: we guarantee all products against defects caused by faulty workmanship and materials for twelve months of domestic use from the date of purchase (purchased from 2020).
  • 5-Year Warranty: we guarantee all thermoblock boilers and groups against defects caused by faulty workmanship and materials for 5-years of domestic use from the purchase date (purchased from 2020).
  • The Steel DUO PID body is manufactured in powder-coated carbon steel and polished stainless steel.
  • 58mm professional portafilter features a real walnut wood handle with an ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing design to complement any home kitchen.
  • This machine features energy efficiency. It has a 50% average savings compared to a traditional machine with an annual energy cost of $90 a year*. See the full test results here

Powerful Steam and Clean Hot Water

  • The new aluminum & stainless steel thermoblock group guarantees continuous, unlimited steam with constant pressure and provides enhanced stability and minimal energy consumption.
  • Limescale will not build up in the stainless steel thermoblock circuits leading to a longer-lasting machine.
  • Freshwater is drawn for every espresso shot to ensure the best quality every time.
  • 100% food-safe AISI 316 stainless steel water circuit means no metal migration in your water.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
The Chae
Steel Duo PID

I've been using the machine (white model) for a few weeks now, and I love almost everything about it! The primary reason for buying it was the heat-up time, 2nd was the appearance, and 3rd was the dual thermoblock. It's been pulling great shots after some dialing in. The only thing I wish Ascaso did was to include a low-water warning and include a bottomless portafilter. I know the tank is clearly visible, but with the grinder right next to it, sometimes I don't remember to look. Either way, I strongly recommend this machine!


The machine looks great but for such a price I would hope the top warming rack would be more sturdy as mine came tilted and dented on the top right pin. Other than that everything else looks great.


I’ve had this for about a month and so far it meets and exceeds my expectations. Attractive, compact and heats up quickly in a couple of minutes so i can have an expresso by the time the beans are ground and the milk is poured. I don’t have a 20 amp circuit but this can not been an issue when doing simultaneous shot pulling and steaming milk.

Malachi Smith

Amazing home machine with coffee shop quality. Super beautiful, strong and performance is top notch.

Patrick Flynn
Beautiful compact machine that makes excellent espresso and milk drinks

Compared this with the Lelit Mara X v2, Bezzera Crema and BZ13 DE amongst a few other heat exchangers. I wanted a compact machine that could steam and pull shots quickly. The Steel Duo PID does that very well. The machine has a relatively small footprint for the feature set.

I also wanted a machine that did either timed or volumetric shots to make it easier for other people to use my machine. Timed pre-infusion is also very nice to have. Another big plus in the easy for others to use category is the cool touch steam wand. I don't have to warn others to be careful when touching the wand. The steam itself is of course dangerous, but that is a constant for any espresso machine with a steam wand.

The Steel Duo PID looks great, heats up extremely quickly, has great temperature control, and straightforward and consistent shot pulling once I dialed in my grind size. I do have 20 amp outlets in my kitchen.

Noise and vibration levels are low when pulling shots. I read some reports and reviews online saying that cups and glasses on top can rattle. Rattling isnt really an issue for me, but there is some vibration and the top is sloped down toward the back so cups do slowly slide while pulling shots.

Steaming is great - flip the switch, wait a minute at most and begin steaming. It is shockingly fast. Time to steam and froth milk is good. My previous machine was a single boiler so even if the actual time to froth milk is longer, the total time spent getting up to temp and then steaming is much shorter than the silvia I previously used. I really like the knob location and profile. It suits my small kitchen and limited countertop space well.

The machine is very well built, comes with a beautiful 58mm portafilter, and pretty much all the baskets you could ask for. The walnut handle and steam knob are well made and contrast very nicely with the white steel.

The manual is very detailed but a bit hard to follow as the labeled diagram is on a single page and then all subsequent references to switches and buttons are only via their number in the diagram. There are videos that show how to operate the machine and navigate the PID controller, though, so I recommend watching those to get a better understanding of how the menu and settings work. Once you understand the basic navigation it is very straightforward to use and for the most part once you get your settings as you prefer, you won't have to change much.

One thing that I really like is the way that volumetric shot programming works. You hold the shot pull switch in one direction (either up or down) while you pull a shot on a scale and stop when you get the amount of water out you would like. For all future use of that switch in that direction will pull that same amount of water. Super simple.

The steam wand is a bit awkward and can spray all over your counter when you first use it. I recommend twisting/positioning it so it faces the drip tray to first purge the water in the wand, stop the flow by twisting the knob, then pulling the wand out into position to steam your milk.

I have not adjusted the brewing pressure via the OPV but it is nice to know it can easily be done. I exclusively use medium to light roast beans.

How is the coffee? It took me less than 10 shots to get my grind size and temperature dialed in. My coffee now is very consistent and tastes as good or better than what I achieved on my rancilio silvia PID.

I highly recommend this machine. It is effectively a professional level machine in the footprint of a home machine. Well done Ascaso.