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Barista T Plus, Automatic 2 Group Espresso Machine, with Thermodynamic Technology (White)

Barista T Plus, Automatic 2 Group Espresso Machine, with Thermodynamic Technology (White)

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Specialty coffee was never so fun on the Ascaso Barista T Plus espresso machine. Designed for baristas, this coffee machine is packed with all the best options for your espresso bar. It’s made with high-quality materials and won’t disappoint with its ergonomic design and leading industry T Technology. 

The Barista T Plus includes many enhanced features that create an experience unrivaled within the coffee industry and backed by a comforting warranty. This is the best commercial espresso machine for any business, complete with total PID control, multigroup technology, and ergonomically designed for the barista with a never-ending line.

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    12-month domestic warranty and 24-month commercial warranty on workmanship and materials.


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Product Specs

Electronic Group T-Technology©

  • A cleaner, more stable, and sustainable water system. We preheat the freshwater we use in each coffee to 176°f. The digitally displayed PID temperature control is adjustable in one-degree increments. T-Technology©  is able to maintain stability throughout the system to within 1°f.
  • Joy-stick steam control with an advanced no-burn steam wand.
  • Volumetric programmable settings for preinfusion, single shot, double shot, and auto-standby.
  • The enhanced volumetric controls make it easier to produce and repeat a consistently good quality espresso.

Quality Build with Professional Materials

  • 12-Month factory warranty against faulty workmanship and materials and a 5-Year warranty on all boilers and groups.
  • The Barista T Plus espresso machine’s body is manufactured in aluminum. After preliminary polishing, the machine is treated with a high-quality varnish for a lasting finish. 
  • 58mm professional portafilter features a real walnut wood handle with an ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing design to complement any café. 
  • Work area light on/off switch and a stainless steel tray with easy-to-clean thin wires. 
  • Joy-sticks are made with real walnut wood to create a smooth and intuitive steam operation. 
  • Steam and water wands feature cool-touch stainless steel. The steam wand is 360° and multidirectional with an anti-limescale and reduced milk build-up design. 
  • This machine features energy efficiency. It has a 50% average savings compared to a traditional machine with an annual energy cost of $220 a year*. See the full test results here.

Powerful Steam and Clean Hot Water Technology

  • The multi-group technology is based on coffee groups and a steam boiler that work completely independently. Each group and boiler have their own autonomous heating system, safety device, and precise electronic temperature control. Working together guarantees continuous, unlimited steam with constant pressure.
  • The new thermoblock provides enhanced stability and minimal energy consumption.
  • Limescale will not build up in the stainless steel boiler and thermoblock circuits leading to a longer-lasting machine.
  • Freshwater is drawn for every espresso shot to ensure the best quality every time. 
  • 100% food-safe AISI 316 stainless steel water circuit means no metal migration in your water.