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Pietro Pro Brewing Manual Coffee Grinder - Pink

Pietro Pro Brewing Manual Coffee Grinder - Pink

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For those who crave a hands-on approach to coffee preparation, the Pietro coffee grinder is your ultimate choice. It's all about precision, control, and a profound connection to your coffee. With intuitive grind adjustments, it adapts effortlessly to your brewing preferences.

This manual grinder beckons to the specialty coffee explorer in you, inviting experimentation with grinding techniques. It's the perfect companion for those in pursuit of top-tier results without relying on electricity. Whether you're building your brew bar or seeking exceptional performance without the electric grinder price tag, the Pietro Manual Coffee Grinder is your path to unparalleled coffee craftsmanship.

This Pietro grinder boasts the precision-engineered M-Modal burr geometry, meticulously designed to excel in filter brewing applications.

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Product Specs

Pro Brewing Burr Geometry

  • Dedicated to enhancing filter brewing, this Pietro features M-Modal burrs that exemplify the zenith of craftsmanship, achieving the perfect balance between grind size and consistency.
  • With Pro Brewing grinds you'll experience a more pronounced and pristine flavor, meticulously designed to excel in filter brewing applications.

Unique Vertical Flat Burr Design

  • The vertical burr design eliminates any retention and amplifies the efficient expulsion of coffee grounds.
  • Crafted with Dark-T burrs, an evolution of the M340 burrs, featuring a titanium, aluminum, carbon, and nitrogen black coating that ensures astonishing durability; five times longer than standard burrs.

Easy Maintenance Grind Chamber

  • Accessing the detachable burr chamber is a breeze—simply press a button and give it a twist to release.
  • Easily replaceable burrs allow you to effortlessly switch to the B-Modal version, used for a variety of coffee brews including espresso and filter brews.
  • Enjoy hassle-free cleaning for consistently great-tasting coffee.

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